From Pen to Needle

Setting aside my pen and paper, I picked up a needle and worked on a few Christmas presents, infusing each with positive energy to be released into their new homes.  As a former holistic practitioner, I will forever instill love and gratitude into all my creations—crafts, books, food—Reiki’s hands on healing through Universal energy.

Why am I sharing the pictures now? My adult children don’t follow my blog. (On a side note, I’m okay with that.)

Crafting also gave me a chance to meditate about what I wanted to accomplish next year.  The biggest writing project I’m considering is deconstructing the novel that follows Chemical Reaction, the fourth book in the Chemical Attraction Series.  I wrote the story years ago.  It requires an overhaul.

2021 may be the year I rip it apart, deleting characters and adding new subplots. I think I need to be brutal and strip it to the bare bones.  How difficult will it be?  Will my characters let me change their future?  Do I have the energy to tackle it?  I have no idea.  

Are there any writers out there who have done something similar? Any advice?  Are you a fan of the Series? What would you like to see happen with these characters?


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