Dearest Mother and Dad – Cover Reveal

Since I cited many of the letters my dad wrote to his parents during the Korean War, I knew I needed to use a picture of him for the cover. I searched through his old photo album and stacks of worn pictures. Finally, I uncovered this one of him with his parents.

A perfect fit for the story; as if the photographer knew this story would be written—67 years later. Can you see and feel the love my dad has for them?

I love how Monika at Ampersand Book Cover Services put it all together. She nailed it. I am so proud of the cover and the story.

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Release Date: May 21, 2020






“One hundred and twenty Marines wounded. Eighteen dead. All for one lousy hill.”

Corpsman Orrin Connor’s faithful letters with a touching twist shield his parents from the horrors of war. His buddy Rawley Armstrong’s poignant letters give his sister the harrowing truths. Throughout their dangerous assignments during the Korean War, they debate the consequences of their choices. Orrin gains comfort in downplaying his experiences while Rawley feels a healing purge. As they get to know the Marines in their charge, the corpsmen gather a variety of opinions. Although Orrin and Rawley disagree, their friendship remains true until the bitter end.

“It all happened within minutes. For some, it would last a lifetime.”

Based on her father’s letters to his parents throughout the Forgotten War, author Christina Thompson has produced this work of historical fiction to pay tribute to Navy corpsmen by remembering their service to their brothers and their country. Imagining her father had guarded his parents from the carnage of war, Christina elaborates on what could have happened while staying true to the dates and experiences her father shared in his actual letters.