Year End eBook Sale

In the dark snowy woods, the old trees with snarled and arthritic fingers reach for the sparkling red box that illuminates the small clearing.  They want the Ultimate Gift, too.



During the Korean War, Dearest Mother and Dad brings to life the history of two Navy corpsmen fighting with the Marines.  These best friends debate whether to share their horrific experiences in the letters home.



Within a blink of an eye, Samantha is entangled in a plot to assassinate the U.S. President.  Stranded in the middle of nowhere, she asks a trucker for help.  Can they trust each other to prevent the unthinkable?



From Pen to Needle

Setting aside my pen and paper, I picked up a needle and worked on a few Christmas presents, infusing each with positive energy to be released into their new homes.  As a former holistic practitioner, I will forever instill love and gratitude into all my creations—crafts, books, food—Reiki’s hands on healing through Universal energy.

Why am I sharing the pictures now? My adult children don’t follow my blog. (On a side note, I’m okay with that.)

Crafting also gave me a chance to meditate about what I wanted to accomplish next year.  The biggest writing project I’m considering is deconstructing the novel that follows Chemical Reaction, the fourth book in the Chemical Attraction Series.  I wrote the story years ago.  It requires an overhaul.

2021 may be the year I rip it apart, deleting characters and adding new subplots. I think I need to be brutal and strip it to the bare bones.  How difficult will it be?  Will my characters let me change their future?  Do I have the energy to tackle it?  I have no idea.  

Are there any writers out there who have done something similar? Any advice?  Are you a fan of the Series? What would you like to see happen with these characters?