Some men think there’s a choice between right and wrong. Great men know there is none – General S. Randall


With a family history of military service, I wrote The Trucker’s Cat, a fast-paced romantic adventure with a patriotic theme.

After hearing the brave stories about my father and grandfather, I learned that believing in something greater, whether it’s the love of God, country, or each other, affects us in powerful ways. I enjoyed writing about the emotional workings of our mind and heart and the spiritual energy that taps into our passions.

In The Trucker’s Cat, Samantha Randall and Major Logan McCormick, inspired by General Randall’s patriotic speech, do what’s necessary to prevent the unthinkable—a Presidential assassination.

Leaving the Russian Embassy where she lives with her mother and stepfather, Samantha treks cross-country to warn the driver that his cargo has the proof, but she finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Driving a truck on a special military assignment, Logan sees no choice and rescues Sam from a bloated lecher. Against protocol, he gives the wildcat a ride. With Russian soldiers searching for Logan’s cargo and another team chasing Samantha, they quickly realize they must work together. Their belief in a common value takes on extraordinary meaning.

Although I’ve created these characters, I’m also inspired by them. That’s why I dedicated The Trucker’s Cat to the servicemen in my family:

Lieutenant Colonel John Bunyan Bennett, M.D., United States Army (WWI, WWII)

Parachute Rigger 1st Class LeRoy Stewart Thompson, United States Navy (WWII)

Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Hershall Floyd Bennett, United States Marines (Korean War)

Senior Airman James Hershall Bennett, United States Air Force

Corporal Caleb Weyrick-Greene, United States Marines (Afghanistan)

Senior Airman David Stuart Thompson, United States Air Force

Do you know a military serviceman or woman who inspires you? Please share their name and rank. I would love to acknowledge them and their service. Thanks for stopping by today.

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