The Chemical Attraction Series


(Book 1 of The Chemical Attraction Series)

Taylor Valentine, a senior at Western Michigan University, has had her life planned out since kindergarten.  Now with the help of her best friends, Joe and Eva, she focuses on graduation and a career—romance in the far distant future.  However, when the visiting professor enters the lecture hall, her perfect plan hits a snag.

History professor and former Marine, Dr. Stuart Morgan keeps infatuated students at a distance using his own set of strict rules.  This time, he’s unnerved by his reaction to Taylor.  When death threats upend his boring life, he inadvertently puts her in danger.  With family and foe pulling them apart, Stuart must somehow convince Taylor to break her rules and embrace a new plan.




(Book 2 of The Chemical Attraction Series)

Taylor Valentine, Eva O’Sullivan, and Joe Roberts are siblings by choice.  They believe in The Kindred Code: blood means nothing and love is everything.  As their lives follow different paths after college, they wonder if their mantra will stay true.

When word gets out that Professor Stuart Morgan had dated Taylor while in his class, the publicity takes a toll on their relationship.  Under the stress, Stuart struggles with his PTSD.  With his son at a sleepover, Officer Matt Connor invites Eva to his home.  Over the weekend, volatile confrontations erupt between Matt’s mother and Eva.  The rural town enjoys the uproar.

FBI Division Director Peter Bingaman asks for Joe’s help on an unofficial case.  Before heading to Quantico, Joe jumps at the chance to test his skills.  They quickly uncover horrendous crimes.  Suddenly, Joe’s in over his head. Will Joe’s family put aside their problems and come to his aid before it’s too late?




(Book 3 of The Chemical Attraction Series)

In this gripping stand-alone novel, Dr. Madeline Pierce, a dedicated scientist working in nanotechnology, has pain in her heart from an abusive relationship.  She hides in her research.  His charisma masking his loneliness, FBI Agent Joe Roberts searches for an instant chemistry with his soulmate, the one person who will love him for his faults not in spite of them.

When Madeline discovers discrepancies at her research facility, the FBI sends Joe as a courtesy.  In the nearby farming town, animals violently attack the residents.  Someone is experimenting outside the laboratory.  Are human test subjects next?  Joe and Madeline soon realize they have bigger issues to deal with other than their Chemical Attraction.




(Book 4 of The Chemical Attraction Series)

FBI Agent Joe Roberts and Dr. Madeline Pierce must track down a rage-producing nano-drug.  Working apart, they attempt to focus on the threat.  Staying in Detroit with the FBI, Madeline works to develop an antidote from the confiscated journals.  She clashes with the women from Joe’s past.

In West Michigan, Joe hunts for the seller of the bio-weapon.  With a history as a player, he’s worried his relationship with Madeline is at risk.  When the nano-drug is sold on the black market, Madeline’s life, their future, and the nation’s security are in jeopardy.  Joe must now choose between his personal desire and his professional integrity.  Can he live with the consequences?