A Typical Day in My Writing Life

My day of writing starts at night just before I go to bed. During that time, I plan the next day’s writing schedule. Will it be new projects, edits, blogs, or research? It’s also the best time for my storylines to reveal themselves. In the morning, I must have my coffee with Cinnabon creamer while I tend to the social media aspect of writing. I’m still learning how to promote.

Then, in between laundry, menu prep, and other chores, I tackle my agenda set from the night before. This process keeps me focused, so I don’t get caught up in Supernatural rerun.

Most of the time, I’m a step behind on the learning curve, but I’m all right with that. There’s less stress and frustration. However, I continually have to remind myself that I’m not in competition with anyone. Instead, I strive to make my best better.

I’m not sure how other authors do it, but it seems to work for me. I’m happy. Are you a writer? What’s your day look like?


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