Is This Karma’s Revenge?

For Joe Roberts, this scene is a culmination of his life choices.  Is he unworthy of love?  With raw despair, he wonders if karma has finally caught up to him, demanding retribution.  Is this karma’s revenge?  Joe thinks so.

An excerpt from Chemical Reaction:


Joe loved his home. His sisters had helped decorate it. He and his brother-in-law Stuart hung out and played video games. But tonight, his apartment was an empty shell. He understood why Madeline hadn’t stayed. To have her find a woman in his bed was not how he wanted to start their new life together. Would they have a life together?

In the bathroom, he scrubbed Madeline’s ring and necklace with a spare toothbrush until every bit of soot had been removed. After a shower, he slipped the ring onto the necklace and then put it around his neck hoping to feel her energy. He felt despair. His or hers?

Opening the bedroom door, he saw the unmade bed and a red stiletto on the floor by his blinking answering machine. With a groaning shout, he ripped the comforter, sheets, and mattress pad off the bed and threw them into a pile. Not caring which telemarketer or utility company left messages, he flung the machine across the room. It hit the wall and shattered. Sitting on the naked mattress, he bent over and rubbed his eyes in frustration.

Was this payback for his past transgressions? Over the years, he had hurt many women. Now, all of their pain, hate, and sorrow hit him in the chest with such a profound force he had to gasp for a breath. Bitter anguish gnawed at his heart as he thought about ruining the only relationship he wanted, needed, craved, and may never have. Without her in his life, he didn’t think he could recover. He wasn’t sure he wanted to. Joe slid to the floor and cried.


How did Joe get to this point in his life?

Check out The Chemical Attraction Series and find out. 


Crazy or Passionate: You decide

Chemical Attraction Cover Art

I enjoy the process of writing. It’s not always fun, but I embrace the challenge of researching, outlining, writing, and rewriting. My favorite part is running the different scenarios by my husband, Kraig.

When I first started writing, I struggled with a transitioning area in my story line for Chemical Attraction. Kraig suggested breakfast at our local diner to talk about it. Of course, I agreed. First, it was his idea. Second, any chance not to cook was a plus. And, third, he was a good sounding board—although less so that day.

After ordering our breakfasts, I explained my dilemma. “What do you think I should do?”

He sipped his coffee. “I think you should kill off one of your main characters.”

“What? Who?” I demanded.

“Matt Connor.” His reply was so casual as if killing a person was a common occurrence. I wondered if I married a hitman.

With my mouth open, I tried to comprehend his words. “I can’t kill Matt. He has a wife and a son. They’d be devastated.”

In the middle of the crowded restaurant, our heated discussion received wide-eyed stares from the patrons closest to us. As I thought about Matt dying, I blinked away a few tears. My bastard husband laughed while I searched my coat pocket for a tissue.

(For the record, I’m not afraid to kill off characters. I’ve done it to progress my other stories. However, Matt has more to share.)

“How could you suggest such a thing?” I asked.

Enjoying my grief, he smiled. “Have someone shoot him. Better yet, have a farm animal maul him to death…”

I blocked out his other malicious ideas. With a sympathetic look, the waitress silently refilled my mug and slid a few extra napkins toward my silverware. I blew my nose with one while she glowered at my horrible husband.

He leaned forward. “Honey, he’s just a character.”

But Matt wasn’t. He had a family. He had feelings. In my head, I knew he was a made-up person. My heart thought differently. Embarrassed by my emotional outburst, I quietly ate my breakfast. Kraig chuckled.

“Am I crazy?” I finally asked.

“Just passionate.” He tried to put a pleasant spin on it, but his wife was a nut job.

Later, I rationally considered his ideas and quickly dismissed them. Matt was safe in that story. We’ll see what happens in the rest of the series though. Wahaha!

I hope I’m not the only “passionate” writer out there with a crazy story like this. Care to share yours?