Only Love Remains

“It all happened within minutes. For some, it would last a lifetime.”

As many of you know from previous posts, my dad was a Navy Corpsman with the Marines during the Korean War.  He never shared his experiences.  After he died, I read the letters he wrote to his parents during the war and finally understood (reading between the lines) why he was hard and emotionally absent.  I think the war had affected him more than he had let on.

Although Dearest Mother and Dad is historical fiction, I believe my dad was beside me as I wrote it. You may love the story.  You may hate it.  This healing process dissolved my anger and pain. Only love remains.

I’ve shared some of my dad’s pictures from Korea in my book trailer photo album.  I used them to visualize and create the story.  Take a look.

To all our Veterans, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Dearest Mother and Dad on AMAZON

Dearest Mother and Dad on BARNES&NOBLE

Dearest Mother and Dad: Book Trailer

By now, you know Dearest Mother and Dad is based on my dad’s letters to his parents during the Korean War. It seems appropriate to share some of his pictures in my album-style book trailer. My work of historical fiction pays tribute to Navy corpsmen by remembering their service to their brothers and their country. On this Memorial Day, I send a special Thank You to all those who have died in military service.


Dearest Mother and Dad BOOK TRAILER





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