The Garden Collection – New Cover

Thanks to Monika at Ampersand Book Covers, The Garden Collection has a brand new cover.  Last year, she created the artwork for the second edition release of my Chemical Attraction Series.  With just an idea, she worked her magic. Each book has a unique design yet a subtle theme ties them together.

This time, she enhanced my daughter Andrea’s drawing.  I love the fairy tale vibe.  It’s perfect for this Cinderella-esque romance.  This new cover highlights the hope amid Brianna’s bleak reality.  I highly recommend Ampersand Book Covers.

About The Garden Collection

A few words of encouragement can stay with you for a lifetime.  Robert and Brianna’s childhood friendship grew into respect for each other and their ideas.  Robert gave her the confidence to stand up for herself.  Brianna helped him see his artistic potential and encouraged him to travel for his inspiration.  He found it in the letters she wrote.

Now struggling to care for Chloe, her six-year-old half-sister, Brianna Carlson receives news that her abusive stepfather will be released from prison.  Still limping from a once broken leg, she’s terrified he’ll come back to hurt Chloe this time.  She decides to leave town.

While traveling for his family’s jewelry business, Robert Donovan designed The Garden Collection, his newest line of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  Returning home, he discovers Brianna had lied in every letter she sent.  She never received any of his.  Before he can demand answers, she disappears without Chloe.  As Robert learns about Brianna’s life during his absence, he sets out to find her and convince her to trust him again.

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