I Love Joe


I. Love.  Joe.

There … I said it. Joe Roberts IS my favorite character out of all my novels. Why? Well, like many of us, he’s searching for his purpose, he’s searching for love, and he’s searching for the woman, who will help him understand him.

I’ve described Joe as charismatic yet brooding, a womanizer on the surface. Deep down, Joe’s searching for an instant chemistry with his soulmate—the one person who will love him “for” his faults not “in spite” of them.

From an early age, Joe’s wanted to be an FBI agent and he’s wanted to find true love. Through hard work, he achieved the first. He’s struggling with the second and wonders if he’s worthy of love.

As an offshoot from The Chemical Attraction Series, Searching for Her is about Joe’s heartache. He’s slowly losing hope for that soul connection. He doesn’t realize that it’s always darkest before the dawn. I’ve been there. I know how he feels. He compelled me to write his story.

Would you like a behind-the-scenes look at Joe Roberts?
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Searching for Her, an anthology of short stories about Joe Roberts from The Chemical Attraction Series, takes place after The Kindred Code leading into Chemical Attraction. During the eight-year span of these seven stories—as seen through the eyes of his family—Joe gradually loses faith that he’ll find his soulmate.

His sisters, Taylor and Eva, conspire to help him. Convinced Madeline Pierce is his perfect match, Eva and Madeline’s Aunt Sylvia push for a connection. Each time they try to force a meeting, it backfires.

Unbeknownst to Joe and his family, the Synchronicity of the Universe is at work. Can Joe decipher the subtle signs pointing him toward Destiny’s grand plan with Madeline? Many could die if he doesn’t.

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