An Auspicious Day

JULY 19th will be a big day for me … and for you. Have you heard? We’re re-releasing The Chemical Attraction Series with a new book order, a new novel (The Kindred Code), new covers, and new scenes.

These characters have been in my head for over a decade. I can’t wait to share more of their story.

Also on that day, I’m giving away Searching for Her, an anthology of short stories based on the Series. However, it’s an exclusive offer for subscribers of my newsletter.


THEN, on JULY 19th, you’ll receive a reminder about the re-release AND the link to download your FREE copy of Searching for Her.


In the meantime, can I entice you with the blurb and excerpt from Searching for Her?


Searching for Her, an anthology of short stories about Joe Roberts from The Chemical Attraction Series, takes place after The Kindred Code leading into Chemical Attraction. During the eight-year span of these seven stories—as seen through the eyes of his family—Joe gradually loses faith that he’ll find his soulmate.

His sisters, Taylor and Eva, conspire to help him. Convinced Madeline Pierce is his perfect match, Eva and Madeline’s Aunt Sylvia push for a connection. Each time they try to force a meeting, it backfires.

Unbeknownst to Joe and his family, the Synchronicity of the Universe is at work. Can Joe decipher the subtle signs pointing him toward Destiny’s grand plan with Madeline? Many could die if he doesn’t.


…Standing next to Maggie, Joe put his elbow on the bar and angled his body toward her. Her friend had left, and she sat bored watching the football game. She ignored him until he spoke.

“Do you see my friends over there?” He casually pointed to Orr and Anderson. “The ones you shot down earlier.”

She glanced at them then looked at Joe. Instead of reaming him like the other undercover agents, she blinked then smiled unfurrowing her brow, a glint of arousal in her eye. He had her full attention now as if he hypnotized her.

“Unfricking believable,” Peter muttered through Joe’s ear com. He had no idea how Joe did that. His eyes? His smile? Sorcery?

“Yes, I remember,” she replied with a softness she hadn’t used before. Was she under Joe’s spell?

With his finger, Joe lightly touched the inside of her wrist on the hand that suddenly stopped caressing the condensation on the glass of her mixed drink. “Well, they bet me forty dollars that I couldn’t get you to kiss my cheek…”

~ from “Peter’s Pet”


…Katie Kelley, their young busty waitress, set two more fresh frosted mugs in front of them. Her tight jeans and low-cut Dugan’s t-shirt accentuated her curves and cleavage. “Peter, who’s your cute friend?”

Sitting up straighter, Joe smiled. Peter could feel Joe’s pheromones waft toward Katie. He pictured a smoke-shaped hand reaching out of the fog seductively luring her closer. With a sigh, he sat back not wanting to get sucked into the crosscurrent.

“Katie, Joe’s a colleague,” he replied as an introduction.

“Ooh, a sexy guy with a good job. How irresistible!” She squeezed Joe’s bicep before leaving.

“I really hope she’s not related to you,” Joe said, checking out her behind.

Peter groaned. “She’s not.”

While eating the house special of tender pot roast, red potatoes, and steamed asparagus, Joe and Katie flirted. Feeling like a third wheel, Peter put up with it so he wouldn’t have to talk about Martin. He finally slid his empty plate aside.

“I hate to interrupt your little dance with the waitress, but we have an issue to discuss.”

Joe wiped his mouth and sat back. “Maggie’s phone number? You know I didn’t ask her for it.”

“We’ll deal with that on Monday. This is something else…”

~ from “Peter’s Pet”


…Sylvia put the food containers of ham, scalloped potatoes, yams, and slices of pumpkin pie in the fridge. Eva must have known Madeline wouldn’t stop by there, so she sent Joseph here. They had horrible timing.

“I wanted to check in with you since I didn’t have a chance to attend Herbert’s funeral,” Joe said as she poured them each a cup of coffee. He leaned over to smell the flowers then took the mug she offered. “How have you been doing?”

Sitting diagonally to him, she sipped her coffee. “Some days are better than others.”

“Yeah, the holidays can be rough,” he said. “After Taylor’s parents died, that first Christmas was brutal. All the traditions we grew up with seemed to have died, too.” With a matter-of-fact attitude, he empathized with her grief. She found it comforting.

“I miss him every day. I still expect him to walk through the front door,” she replied.

Leaning back, Joseph retrieved the box of tissues on the counter by her stack of cookbooks and set it between them. “Is all that pain worth it?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Tennyson’s quote: Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” He shifted in his chair. “Is it better?” he asked.

Pushing the tissue box aside, she reached for his hand not sure if he’d pull away. He gently lay his other over hers, warming them. His eyes seemed to search her face for the answers.

“I have a lifetime of loving memories with Herbert that I’d never give up. Your time will come,” she replied.

He sat back in his chair, letting go of her hand, shielding his vulnerability. Her niece did that often. Sylvia had tried to get her to share her feelings, too, but Madeline had only touched the surface, pushing her pain deep down inside her core.

Contemplating her answer, Joseph stared into his empty mug. “I want my life to be better, but I’m tired of searching…”

~ from “Purple Roses”


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